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Virtual Trial Presentation Services - Zoom Trials

Synchronizing custom legal graphics, expert consultation, quality technology and reliable equipment into comprehensive and persuasive virtual courtroom presentations is our mission at Trial Exhibits, Inc. Jurors of any background and age expect every legal or courtroom presentation to include various types of visual graphics to help them understand details and arguments – no matter the complexity. Advancements in technology have increased everyone’s ability to better process information through the use of visual aids and trial graphics. But not all visuals are created equal. Consideration of your audience and designing impactful visual presentations that enhance your courtroom presentation require experience and careful forethought. Here at Trial Exhibits we have been refining and leading the legal industry standard of effective, persuasive presentations and litigation support for over 30 years.

Employing quality technology with savvy Trial Presentation Specialists is our tried and true method for creating successful legal presentations.  Utilizing cutting-edge graphic software and quality, professional artists allows us to provide custom 2D and 3D illustrations and animations for any case at an affordable price.  Embracing the speed and convenience of trial presentation software like OnCue and Trial Director, our Trial Presentation Specialists create and organize all exhibits into an electronic database for every case big and small.  This prevents the need to sort through pages and pages of trial binders to find specific exhibits.  Electronic presentations can be updated and shared quickly with any member of your team; while also allowing you to present to anyone, anywhere.  Compatibility of trial presentation software with video conferencing services (Zoom, GoToMeeting) ensures that your exhibits will be seen by all participants in and out of the courtroom or arbitration


Trial Presentation from Anywhere: our virtual trial coordinators and hot-seat operators are ready to assist you in your office, virtually over Zoom or in a hybrid jury trial in the courthouse.

Virtual Trial Presentation Software: our courtroom presentation specialists are trained and experienced in using trial presentation software (Trial Director, OnCue, PowerPoint) with online video conference programs.

Live Annotation: present your case with a dynamic mix of trial graphics, live annotations, screen sharing, video depositions and impeachment clips.


The legal industry is quickly embracing more and more virtual proceedings.  These meetings can require a sophisticated knowledge of virtual meetings software, security features and reliable technology to ensure successful proceedings without delays and technical failures.  Here at Trial Exhibits, Inc. we offer a variety of virtual services to meet your needs and your budget.  From including one virtual participant to fully virtual proceedings, we custom tailor each setup to meet the needs of your case.

Reliability is our number one concern when setting up remote services.  Our trial technicians will discuss the number of parties joining the virtual meeting as well as the power and internet connections available in your meeting room.  From this information our team develops a custom-tailored equipment setup to ensure success.  We utilize the latest technology in virtual trial services to establish a steady virtual connection that integrates well with various presentation software.  Utilizing strong encryption settings for businesses coupled with the correct security settings, the trial technician assigned to your case will test and retest settings prior to proceedings to keep meetings private.  A successful virtual litigation begins with technical success that we have proven time and again.  Whether you are looking for equipment rental or full presentation services, let us focus on connecting you to the meeting so you can focus on winning your case.

  • Zoom, GoToMeeting and other video conference software
  • Stream witnesses live into court, arbitrations or hearings.
  • Join other counsel, judges, jurors and witnesses for trial, mediation or arbitration
  • Present exhibits seamlessly using TrialDirector, OnCue, ELMO, PowerPoint
  • Present Openings or Closing PowerPoints
  • Breakout rooms and waiting rooms for private discussions
  • Redundant backup systems to keep the meeting going
  • Encrypted connections and settings to keep meetings private
  • HD webcams for clear picture


Our full suite of presentation services is easily adapted to any legal venue. No matter the location or available technology, our team at Trial Exhibits consults with on-site IT, facility managers and other relevant parties to ensure the same quality presentation. We have decades of experience assisting in the following litigation events both in-person and virtually:

  • Hearings
  • Arbitrations
  • Mediations
  • Bench & Private Trials
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Hybrid Jury Trials
  • Online Courtrooms
  • Hybrid Jury Trials
  • Virtual Trial Presentation Preparation
  • Virtual War Room Support & Meetings


Jury Consulting

Winning case strategies, focus groups, effective witness preparations, powerful insights into the minds of today’s jurors.



Transforming your complex information into educational and memorable demonstrative exhibits and trial graphics in the courtroom.



Clear and concise electronic courtroom presentations increase juror's understanding of the case and enhance memory.

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